The Life of a Workers' Compensation Claim

Have you ever wondered how a Workers’ Compensation claim is handled from start to finish? When an employee comes in and reports an injury, do you know the correct claims reporting process? What happens after the claim is reported? How is medical treatment provided? How do you evaluate temporary work restrictions? When a subpoena comes on a litigated case file, do you know how to respond? Why is the claim not resolving as fast as you think it should? How is a claim settled? Employers in California have numerous responsibilities in the claims management process and no two claims the same. With knowledge of how to tackle these various challenges as the employer, we see better claims outcomes on a whole.

Please join us for this complimentary seminar designed to provide you valuable information and resources to understand the Workers’ Compensation Life of a Claim. Attorneys from Hanna Brophy law firm will outline the claims process including an interactive adventure model going through common scenarios we face.

Featured Presenters:

Brenna Hampton
Managing Partner, Hanna Brophy

Teresa McGinity
Associate Attorney, Hanna Brophy

Cortney Lemos- Crawford
Associate Attorney, Hanna Brophy