Returning to the Workplace Safely

A Guide to Returning People to the Workplace Safely

As the economy begins to reopen, how confident are you in your organization’s readiness for bringing people back to work? In this free guide, risk and safety professionals have drawn upon our extensive knowledge to identify immediate actions for your organization to consider as you prepare, implement, and manage a return to on-site work.

Topics Covered in the Guide:

  • Pandemic Support Team

  • Pre-Workplace Entry Screening

  • Protocols for Employees Sick at Work

  • Physical Distancing and Contact Reduction Measures

  • Workplace Sanitization Plan

  • Employees Post-Infection Return to Work Policies

  • Hazards and Updated Controls

  • Hazardous Chemical Protocols

  • Equipment Safety Plans and Processes

  • Ergonomic Controls

  • Emergency Action Plan Procedures

  • COVID-19 Communications and Engagement Plan

  • Return to Work Training

  • COVID-19 Response Effectiveness Assessment

  • Effective Safety Culture

  • The Safety Management System

...and more

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