Minimizing Problematic Personnel: Strategies for Cultivating a Positive Workplace

There’s that one coworker or person on your team — the contrarian who has nothing positive to say, gets everyone riled up, and makes the work environment miserable.

In this session, we will discuss the toxic folks in your workplace, what it's costing you and your organization to keep them around, and what to do about it. We may also discuss how to identify the different levels of toxicity in your workplace and how to coach your managers to changing the workplace from toxic to productive in 9 easy, practical steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Better understanding of how to identify different levels of employee engagement
  • How to get them back to being productive
  • Your role as an executive


Featured Presenter:

Carol Marzouk
Business Relationship Coach and Behavioral Strategist

Carol Marzouk seeks to help organizations combine best practices in hard-core business disciplines like Six Sigma and process improvement, and is committed to helping leaders gain insight into their specific behaviors and perceptions that might be holding back performance. She also assists companies in identifying how to retain key people, how to navigate flight risks and the impact to the firm if they leave, and the potential replacement or succession plan.
Carol has held several leadership roles and has overseen the work of hundreds of employees. She is an accomplished speaker, consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator. Carol received her psychology degree from UCLA.