Mental Health First Aid Seminar

As workplaces continue to develop ways to confront the most pressing personal challenges faced by their employees, it is as critical to prepare for possible mental health emergencies as it is physical injuries. Problems associated with mental illness are on the rise— the disease contributes to a national average of 35 million lost work days annually, and 70 percent of depressed Americans are members of the workforce. In addition, untreated mental diagnoses cost $105 billion in the U.S. each year.

How do these statistics affect your business? Because most employees are not seeking treatment or are unable to access care, employers lose approximately $225.8B annually due to employee stress, anxiety, depression, and substance use disorder. Growing evidence shows that loneliness and social isolation are health risk factors that have an impact similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Our on-site Mental Health First Aid Training will empower you and your colleagues to recognize signs that someone might be struggling, as well as methods for confidently responding to crisis situations.

By attending this certified training, you will learn a number of key strategies to promote positive mental health in the workplace and beyond, including how to:

  • Promote and/or develop company policies and practices focused on whole person wellbeing.
  • Mitigate organizational stress.
  • Offer programs on mindfulness.
  • Ensure organizational readiness.
  • Promote greater use of tele-behavioral health services.

Featured Presenters:
Peter Freeburg, MA, LPCC
Clinical Behavioral Account Manager
Jill Rizzo, CWPM
Senior Engagement Consultant