COVID-19 Insights: A Free Dashboard for Risk Professionals

Monitor COVID-19 With Ease

While helping some of the world's top brands navigate COVID-19, we noticed the lack of COVID-19 monitoring dashboards tailored for businesses. Some of the insights businesses need are there, but often they are buried — scattered across multiple sites and complicated by non-business-friendly user experiences. 

With hotspots emerging worldwide, it's time for a better, more business-friendly way to monitor COVID-19.

We created a new dashboard from the ground up to address these frustrations. The result is a fresh take on COVID-19 monitoring that is simple, easy-to-use, up-to-date, and developed for businesses. It highlights only important information — filtering out the extra noise — and pulls together leading data sources from top researchers and experts, so you can compare trends and discover insights in one place — not all over the place.

It is free and can be accessed right away. Fill out the form to use now.

Why should I use this COVID-19 dashboard?

There are many reasons to use this dashboard, but here are the top ones.

  • The COVID-19 insights dashboard is made for business and risk professionals.
  • It provides a single place to monitor global COVID-19 developments.
  • It delivers flexible and interactive analytics to easily compare and uncover trends.
  • It incorporates data from multiple sources and geographies.
  • It updates daily.
  • It is free.

What data does it use?

The data is from leading institutions and resources. It uses data from Johns Hopkins University's COVID-19 Data Repository, which includes data from the CDC, the World Health Organization, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, US states, US counties, and more. It also leverages data from the Atlantic’s COVID-19 Tracking Project Data Repository.

What can I do with it?

At a high-level, the COVID-19 insights dashboard can help you track and monitor hotspots with ease. It allows you to drill up globally and drill down locally — including to the county in the US. It can help you share high-level snapshots with your executive team and answer questions such as:

  • Are cases, hospitalizations, and deaths trending up or down in the areas where our clients, suppliers, and employees live and work?
  • Where and when can my employees travel? When can my employees come back to the office – or when should we send them home?
  • How can I get ahead of potential lockdowns?

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